It Takes Two, 2013
Site: Vacant lot at North Miami Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets, Miami, FL 33136
Material: Generator, air flowers, fabric, acrylic paint, thread, motor. 
Size: 19 in. x 19 in. x 20 ft.

It Takes Two features two 18-foot moving inflatable elements, one looking like a giant hammer and the other a giant nail. Just like the ‘dancing’ tubular figures you see in front of used car lots, the hammer and nail would move, rising and falling in a humorous fashion, next to one another so as to appear as if the hammer is trying to hit the nail and the nail is dodging the hammer. This perpetual dance between these two iconic symbols of construction and progress will serve as a greater metaphor about cooperation. Situated in an empty lot in the midst of rapid development, both impending and recent, the viewer is also reminded of the site's state of flux by traces of the original foundation of a structure on the site revealed by a footprint of MiMo style architecture in pastel shades of  pink and green terrazzo.